The Michigan Supreme Court struck down a 1945 law that Democrat Governor Gretchen Whitmer had been using to keep the state in perpetual lockdown since April.

According to Friday’s ruling, Whitmer’s coronavirus state of emergency “is in violation of the Constitution of our state because it purports to delegate to the executive branch the legislative powers of state government–including its plenary police powers – and to allow the exercise of such powers indefinitely. As a consequence, the EPGA cannot continue to provide a basis for the Governor to exercise emergency powers.”

Whitmer said in a statement that the ruling was “deeply disappointing,” adding that she will keep her unconstitutional measures in place for the next 21 days when her “emergency declaration” expires.

Michigan House Speaker Lee Chatfield hailed the decision, calling it a “big win” for democracy.

“The Supreme Court ruled today in agreement with the legislature that the 1945 law is unconstitutional,” Chatfield tweeted.

“The governor had no right to extend the state of emergency over the Legislature’s objection. Our Constitution matters, and this was a big win for our democratic process.”

This ruling comes just weeks after a Pennsylvania federal judge ruled that Democrat Gov. Tom Wolf’s COVID lockdowns were unconstitutional.

“The liberties protected by the Constitution are not fair-weather freedoms — in place when times are good but able to be cast aside in times of trouble,” U.S. District Judge William Stickman wrote.

Likewise, earlier this summer the Texas Supreme Court ruled that Texas officials have no right to implement COVID measures that violate the Constitution.

“Constitution is not suspended when the government declares a state of disaster,” the court stated.

“As more becomes known about the threat and about the less restrictive, more targeted ways to respond to it,” the opinion stated, adding, “burdens on constitutional liberties may not survive judicial scrutiny.”

As time goes on, it’s becoming more apparent that many coronavirus lockdown measures were not only unnecessary, but unconstitutional, and there will surely be more such rulings from more states in the near-future.





Democratic Michigan Governor Gretchen Whitmer has come under fire for using the State’s emergency alert system to order residents to wear face masks.

President Trump’s safety as Commander-in-Chief is in question now that he’s holed up at Walter Reed Hospital for coronavirus treatment.

Over the past couple of months, Deep State forces within the military have signaled their willingness to undermine Trump’s presidential command, with retired former officers penning op-eds encouraging top brass to forcibly remove Trump should he lose the election.

Additionally, former Defense Secretary James Mattis and former White House Chief of Staff John Kelly warned earlier this summer that President Trump was a danger to democracy.

“I think we need to look harder at who we elect,” Kelly told CNN. “I think we should look at people that are running for office and put them through the filter: What is their character like? What are their ethics?”

Defense Secretary Mark Esper also refused in early June to carry out Trump’s command to invoke the Insurrection Act to quell the nationwide rioting, which has so far caused over $2 billion in damage.

Retired Col. Richard H. Black, a former Marine helicopter pilot, told The Gateway Pundit last month that Deep State forces are focusing on the military in their continuous rolling coup against the president.

“What appears to be going on is a concerted effort among some of the top generals and defense department officials to undermine the credibility of the President, to undermine his ability to deal with the violence that’s plaguing the cities of America today,” Black said.

“And, there is a level of arrogance and independence among the military that I have never seen in my lifetime and I think it’s reaching dangerous proportions.”

“There are very top leaders of the effort and General James Mattis is one and General Colin Powell is another one and they are working together with an array of Generals who are not in my view being responsive to their oath of office and even to the requirements of the Uniform Code of Military Justice.”

Hopefully, Trump will recover and continue his duties as president while in the hospital to prevent the military-intelligence apparatus from seizing power under the guise of invoking the 25th Amendment.

Trump’s pick for CIA chief, Gina Haspel who covered up CIA torture and used the bad intel to lie us into the Iraq war, is also implicated in the CIA attempted coup against Trump and the subsequent cover up.

Voters are significantly more likely to search for “how to vote Republican” than “how to vote Democrat,” according to Google Trends.

According to Google Trends data, since October 2019, Americans are two-thirds more likely to search for “how to vote Republican” than “how to vote Democrat”, an encouraging sign for conservatives heading into Election Day.

Looking into how it breaks down by state, at least 10 states show “how to vote Republican” has a significantly wider lead over “how to vote Democrat,” including in New Mexico, Kentucky, Kansas, and Nebraska.

This data further highlights why Democrats are terrified as we approach the presidential election, with 40% of the party happy to hear that President Trump was diagnosed with COVID-19.

Patriots pray for the President of the United States.

Stella Immanuel, M.D., one of the front line medical professionals who spoke in favor of using hydroxychloroquine, zinc, and vitamins C and D to treat COVID-19, has offered to prescribe her preferred treatment regimen to President Donald Trump if the doctors treating the First Family refuse to prescribe it.

Immanuel, who in July told the American public that she has treated hundreds of COVID-19 patients with hydroxychloroquine and did not lose a single patient, took to Twitter to offer to aid the First Family after they were tested positive for COVID-19 on Thursday night.

“Everyone in the White House get on HCQ twice a month,” wrote Immanuel. “If your doctors will not prescribe it I will. I can see you via telehealth emergency licensed in DC.” She added, “POTUS, FLOTUS don’t wait to get sick.”

Immanuel reacted angrily when she learned the news of the president’s diagnosis, suggesting that if he had continued using hydroxychloroquine as a prophylactic, he would not have tested positive for the disease.

“Whoever told the president to stop taking HCQ should be punched in the face,” Immanuel wrote. “This did not have to happen. I am so upset.”

“This is our president for crying out loud,” she added. “No one needs to get sick.”

After Immanuel first went viral during her appearance at the America’s Frontline Doctor’s Summit, and was then criticized by the media and Democrats for her religious beliefs, President Trump defended her, saying he thought she was “very impressive.”

National File reported:

Another reporter asked the president specifically about Immanuel, noting controversial statements she made over the years at her religious ministry, Fire Power Ministries.

“I can tell you this: She was on air along with many other doctors, they were big fans of hydroxychloroquine, and I thought she was very impressive,” said President Trump, “In the sense that from where she came, I don’t know from which country she comes from, but she’s said that she’s had tremendous success with hundreds of different patients and I thought her voice was an important voice, but I know nothing about her.”

Immanuel also made headlines when she claimed that widespread use of hydroxychloroquine, a cheap Malaria drug invented during World War II, would stop COVID-19’s progress in 30 days or less.

Does President Trump even have Covid?

Forty percent of Democrats were comfortable telling a Morning Consult/Politico pollster they’re “happy” about President Trump testing positive for coronavirus and 31 percent said they’re “excited.”

On the other hand, 55 percent of Republicans said they were “sad” and 51 percent said “worried” (participants were asked to pick their top two emotions).

Of course, one look at Twitter could tell you Democrats are absolutely thrilled.

There were so many people celebrating the prospect of Trump’s death that Twitter announced they were going to suspend users who wished for him to die.

“What’s it tell you when a section of Americans openly wish death to the elected President of the United States and the First Lady, while protesting for the lives of violent criminals, thugs and rapists?” Andy Ngo said in a tweet on Friday evening.

It tells you all you need to know.

Will the rapid roll out of Abbott Labs rapid tests move us further along the road to lockdown with false positives and vaccine passports?

Update (1015ET): VP Mike Pence has tested negative again Saturday morning, according to his office.

The VP is traveling to Mar-a-Lago Saturday, where he will fill in for the president if needed.

Meanwhile, the administration’s critics insisted that Pence should quarantine and keep testing for at least another few days (though technically the quarantine period is 10 days. Both Pence and AG Bill Barr have tested negative, despite both having attended last Saturday’s potential “super spreader” event at the White House.

* * *

Update (1000ET): Trump’s doctor, Dr. Sean Conley, will deliver another update on the president’s condition at 1100ET, according to Press Secretary Kayleigh McEnany.

* * *

There have been quite a few major developments in the White House COVID-19 outbreak late Friday and into the early hours of Saturday morning. When we last checked in, an anonymously sourced reports from NBC News claimed Trump had developed “shortness of breath” after arriving at Walter Reed.

That news followed reports that Thom Tillis, another member of the group of observers who attended a White House event on Saturday where Trump announced Judge Amy Coney Barrett as his nominee for the Supreme Court seat left by the deceased Ruth Bader Ginsburg.

Photos like this have circulated widely since Tillis became the 6th member of the group to test positive.

As of Saturday morning, 24 people have tested positive in the White House outbreak, as the number of infected staffers who attended the Cleveland debate climbed from 1 to 11.

1+2. President & Melania Trump

3. Bill Stepien, Trump campaign mgr

4. Hope Hicks

5. Kellyanne Conway

6. Sen. Ron Johnson

7. Sen. Mike Lee

8. Sen. Thom Tillis

9. Ronna McDaniel

10. Notre Dame Pres. Jenkins

11-13. Three WH reporters

14-24. Eleven staffers from Cleveland debate

But as the list above also reflects, three additional major figures in TrumpWorld have tested positive: Former White House advisor Kellyanne Conway, Trump Campaign Manager Bill Stepien, and Sen. Ron Johnson.

Johnson’s announcement hit just minutes ago on Saturday morning with a statement from his office.

He is the third GOP senator to test positive, and – like Lee and Tillis – he also attended Saturday’s event in the Rose Garden.

Preempted by her teenage daughter Claudia, who made headlines earlier this year by speaking out against both her parents before asking AOC to “adopt” her, Conway announced late Friday evening that she had tested positive, becoming at least the 10th person connected to the White House to contract the virus. Conway left the White House over the summer after her daughter’s outbursts created a national scandal. She has apparently become the 7th person to attend that event to also come down with the virus. Three White House reporters have also tested positive.

News of Conway’s diagnosis was preempted by her daughter Claudia, who once again took to TikTok to embarrass her mother, claiming in a series of videos that Kellyanne once told her “masks are stupid”. Claudia also implied her mother got them all sick “for that stupid Amy Coney Barrett thing”.


bye i’m done i’ll see you all in two weeks

♬ smack my blank like a drum – andy war


##duet with @claudiamconway

♬ original sound – linds



Meanwhile, George Conway, a longtime critic of Trump and the administration in which his wife serves, tweeted that he was “Livid” about the White House’s cavalier attitude toward the virus.

Though the investigation into the origins of the cluster is only just beginning, contact tracers appear to be focusing on Saturday’s White House event, which Vox News opined increasingly has the making of a “super spreader” event.

That would at the very least account for why no Democrats have gotten sick in the outbreak, since none of them were invited to the press conference. It would also suggest that Joe Biden and Nancy Pelosi are probably in the clear. They’ve both already tested positive as of Friday.

But in a sign that the outbreak might already be spreading beyond Saturday’s gathering, Trump campaign manager Bill Stepien, who announced last night that all Trump campaign events involving the president and the first family would be cancelled, or transitioned to virtual format, has also tested positive. Stepien took the reins over the summer, taking over from Brad Parscale following the Tulsa comeback event disaster.

One aide told Politico that Stepien was experiencing “mild flu-like symptoms”. They also reported that Stepien plans to quarantine until he recovers. Deputy Campaign Manager Justin Clark is expected to oversee the campaign from its Arlington Va. headquarters while Stepien works remotely.

With Stepien and GOP leader Ronna McDaniel sickened, two key players of Trump’s political machine are now out of commission.

Though he didn’t attend Saturday’s event in the Rose Garden, Stepien traveled to and from Cleveland for Tuesday’s presidential debate, and joined Trump and Hope Hicks aboard Air Force One. The campaign manager was also with the president in the White House on Monday.

Stepien’s role as campaign manager means participating in dozens of meetings per day. If he was contagious, then many more may need to quarantine, though top Trump cabinet officials including Treasury Secretary Mnuchin and AG Barr have already said they won’t quarantine.

All Trump campaign events through next week, when Trump was supposed to swing through the West, have been cancelled as everybody awaits more information on Trump’s condition.

Trump’s doctor released a statement late Friday claiming Trump was “doing well” and that he did not require any “supplemental oxygen”, though he was being treated with Gilead’s remdesivir.

Trump was also treated with a battery of anti-virals and other meds earlier in the evening as well.

Incidentally, the president set off a mini firestorm when he tweeted last night that he was doing “WelI” – with a capital “I” instead of an “L” – spawning a torrent of quasi-serious speculation that the president was sending a secret message by saying he was “going Weli”.

Some are going off the “A Beautiful Mind” deep-end.

At any rate, WSJ says White House contact tracers are scrambling to test hundreds of people who may have come into contact with those infected. Trump’s doctors insist that his hospital stay will only last “a few days” as a precaution.

Trump walked out of the White House Friday evening wearing a mask and gave a thumbs-up to reporters but did not speak before boarding Marine One at 1816ET and heading to Walter Reed National Military Medical Center. Already, the Washington Post is reporting that Trump’s team made the “preemptive” decision so that he could be seen boarding the helicopter while he could still walk – an attempt to present an image of strength to the American people.

Still, White House communications director Alyssa Farah told reporters that there would be no transfer of power with Trump’s trip to Walter Reed, and that the presdient would continue to govern remotely. Sens. Mitch McConnell and Lindsey Graham, the GOP leader and the chairman of the Senate Judiciary Committee, respectively, have said they plan to push ahead with Barrett’s nomination proceedings to try and get her on the court before election day, as Dems called for the proceedings to be postponed. It’s still not clear how many aides who were with Trump this week are quarantining. CDC guidelines call for an individual to quarantine for up to 14 days after coming into contact with an infected individual. Trump traveled during each of the three days leading up to his diagnosis, dragging countless aides and advisors with him, along with party officials and members of Congress.

As we explained yesteday, if Trump’s condition worsens, he could transfer power to VP Mike Pence under the proceedings outlined in the 25th Amendment. That has happened only three times in US history: When Ronald Reagan and George W Bush underwent colonoscopies in the White House. When Reagan was shot in 1981, Power was never formally transferred.

Harrison Smith and Owen react to President Trump’s message to supporters about his Covid-19 diagnosis.

After President Donald Trump announced early Friday morning that he and First Lady Melania Trump tested positive for COVID-19, professors from around the country took to social media to celebrate.

On Thursday, counselor to the president Hope Hicks tested positive for the coronavirus. Shortly afterward,  Trump announced that he and Melania had also received a positive test result.

Upon hearing this news, University of Michigan economics professor Susan Dynarski stated that she had “been an atheist for nearly 40 years, but perhaps there is a God.”

She also retweeted several posts that celebrated Trump’s diagnosis.

Patriots pray for our president

Louisiana Tech professor Drew McKevitt tweeted, “I thought we had all agreed we wanted to see him die in prison.”

University of Pennsylvania professor and Catholics for Biden co-chair Anthea Butler asked if it was “too late to open a bottle of champagne.”

Butler’s tweet came before Trump had announced he and the first lady tested positive, but after the president announced he would go into quarantine while awaiting his test results.

Johns Hopkins University Assistant Professor of Medicine Chidinma Ibe took the opportunity to criticize the president.

Ibe told Campus Reform that she did not mention the president’s “hubris to make light of the situation,” clarifying that she does not wish COVID-19 on anyone or take joy in Trump’s diagnosis.

Instead, she explained that her comments were “fundamentally rooted in his own behaviors: his well-documented public downplaying of COVID, his mockery of Vice President Biden’s insistence on wearing a mask, his persistence in undermining sound public health responses to a novel disease we are still in the midst of learning about, and a host of other deeply problematic and false statements he has made concerning who it affects and how to treat it.”

“As President, he owes it to himself and to this country to model best- practices concerning how to prevent the transmission of this deadly disease,” said Ibe. “To knowingly flout the truth, believing oneself to be invincible, is the essence of hubris.”

Northwestern University journalism professor Steven Thrasher said that his “head aches with laughter” after the diagnosis was announced.

Thrasher told Campus Reform that a close friend of his passed away from COVID-19.

“I don’t know if you’ve ever buried someone–I’ve buried a few–but this death was especially enraging because it was preventable,” explained Thrasher. “So my head ached with laughter with the frustration and absurdity of being unable to talk to them, to tell them how the story has developed, that the person who killed them has now come for himself.”

He added that it is “It is absurd, and one must laugh or cry. I’ve cried a lot this summer over my dead friends. At times, I laugh at the absurdity that they needlessly died, and that the man who killed them is so callous, he is coming for himself.”

Campus Reform has reached out to all of these professors for comment and will update this article accordingly.

US President Donald Trump has begun taking an antiviral therapy after testing positive for the coronavirus, his doctor said, noting that he is responding well so far and does not require supplemental oxygen to aid his breathing.

“This afternoon, in consultation with specialists from Walter Reed and Johns Hopkins University, I recommended movement of the president up to Walter Reed National Military Medical Center for further monitoring,” wrote Sean Conley, the president’s physician.

I am very happy to report that the president is doing very well. He is not requiring any supplemental oxygen, but in consultation with specialists we have elected to initiate Remdesivir therapy. He has completed his first dose and is resting comfortably.

President Trump is now recovering from COVID-19 at Walter Reed hospital. Harrison Smith joins the war Room to discuss.

Trump announced that both he and the first lady had contracted the illness in the early hours of Friday morning, and he has since been moved to the Walter Reed center for treatment on Conley’s advice. In his last post on Twitter late on Friday night, Trump said his stay at the hospital was “going well.”

Trump aide Hope Hicks was the first in a series of White House officials and lawmakers to test positive, with her results made public on Thursday night.

Less than one day later, 9 others have reported contracting the illness, including a White House staffer, three reporters, former presidential adviser Kellyanne Conway, GOP Sens. Mike Lee (Utah) and Thom Tillis (North Carolina) and University of Notre Dame president Rev. John Jenkins. All of them attended a White House event last Saturday, where Trump announced his new Supreme Court pick, Amy Coney Barrett.

Facebook’s notoriously strict and convoluted hate speech and Community Standards policies will allow users to post hopes, dreams, and wishes that President Donald Trump dies from COVID-19, as long as they don’t make the effort to deliberately search for his Facebook page and manually tag his account.

Section 9 of Facebook’s Community Standards states, “We distinguish between public figures and private individuals because we want to allow discussion, which often includes critical commentary of people who are featured in the news or who have a large public audience. For public figures, we remove attacks that are severe as well as certain attacks where the public figure is directly tagged in the post or comment.”

Facebook’s restrictions on “Calls for death, serious disease, epidemic disease, or disability” only apply to private individuals or public figures who are of minor age, meaning wishing death, serious disease and the other referenced attacks on adult public figures is not considered actionable by Facebook so long as the public figure’s account is not manually tagged in the post or comment.

The implications of Trump’s positive COVID test for the debate & the elections. As the taunting begins, what have we learned from the cases of previous politicians? Will Trump seize the opportunity to end the fear and lockdown?

The political policy direction of Facebook’s Community Standards traditionally skews far to the extreme view of censoring all forms of derogatory speech, causing the company’s stance on allowing those same forms of speech towards adult political figures to stand out somewhat paradoxically.

On the other hand, social media platform Twitter does not allow such hateful speech towards public figures, as it does not draw Facebook’s arbitrary distinctions between adult public figures and “private individuals and involuntary minor public figures.”

Twitter officials told Twitter told left-wing outlet Vice’s Motherboard that calls for Trump to die of COVID are against their policies, while noting that Twitter “won’t take enforcement action on every Tweet” because the platform is “prioritizing the removal of content when it has a clear call to action that could potentially cause real-world harm.”

“Content that wishes, hopes or expresses a desire for death, serious bodily harm or fatal disease against an individual is against our rules,” Twitter told VICE.

President Trump is currently working out of an office at Walter Reed Medical Center after experiencing mild symptoms including a low grade fever after Thursday night’s COVID-19 diagnosis.

A senior Trump administration official has slammed claims from CNN that President Donald Trump is having trouble breathing at Walter Reed Military Hospital as false and “downright disgraceful.”

President Trump, and First Lady Melania, both tested positive for COVID-19 on Thursday. “The White House medical team and I will maintain a vigilant watch, and I appreciate the support provided by some of our country’s greatest medical professionals and institutions,” said White House physician Navy Commander Dr Sean Conley in a statement at the time.

As National File reported:

The President was then taken into into Walter Reed National Military Hospital on Friday, following his positive test. His doctor, Navy Commander Dr Sean Conley said the President was “fatigued but in good spirits,” while the First Lady has “a mild cough and headache.”…

“President Trump remains in good spirts, has mild symptoms, and has been working throughout the day,” said Kayleigh McEnany, the White House Press Secretary. “Out of an abundance of caution, and at the recommendation of his physician and medical experts, the president will be working from the presidential offices at Walter Reed for the next few days.”

Despite the administration noting that the President would continue to be in charge of the executive branch, and working from the offices at the hospital, CNN claimed that anonymous sources within the administration had painted a totally different picture.

READ MORE: President Trump NOT Taking Hydroxychloroquine After Positive COVID-19 Test

“Trump adviser said there is reason for concern about Trump’s health tonight,” Acosta tweeted, claiming his source said the President’s situation was serious. “The source went on to describe Trump as very tired, very fatigued, and having some trouble breathing,” Acosta continued.

However, a senior Trump administration official slammed the claims, telling Fox News that the CNN reports about President Trump having difficulty breathing were “downright disgraceful.”

The reporting had already been slammed by many online, including conservative political strategist Arthur Schwartz. “Your sources suck and Acosta is a known liar,” Schwartz tweeted. “This is complete bullsh*t and you should be ashamed of yourself.”