CBP Chief: Trump Giving Border Patrol ‘Exactly What They Asked For’ With New Wall

Image Credits: Twitter Screenshot.

President Trump is fulfilling his promises to border agents with the erection of a new see-through wall along the southern frontier, according to the acting head of Customs and Border Protection (CBP).

Acting CBP Commissioner Mark Morgan shared video of the new wall system in Arizona, affirming that is it precisely what was requested by border officials.

“If you ask the men and women of Border Patrol, POTUS is giving them exactly what they’ve been asking for. This brand new bollard type wall—that’s what the experts asked for and that’s what the President is delivering,” Morgan wrote.

The video Morgan retweeted was originally shared by CBP, and highlights the stunning construction project unfolding in the Arizona desert.

“Construction crews continue work on the new border wall system along the SW border near San Luis, AZ. In partnership with [U.S. Army Corps of Engineers Headquarters], CBP has constructed over 60 miles of new border wall system along the SW border since 2017 and expects to complete 450 miles by the end of 2020,” CBP explained.

“Illegal border crossings in San Luis, AZ, in 2005 versus the same location today: In 2005, 10’ landing mat failed to impede and deny illegal entries. Today, CBP has a triple layered enforcement zone which includes an 18’ bollard wall.”

Morgan used another video shared recently by CBP San Diego to instruct the public about the efficacy of a proper border barrier in deterring criminality.

“This is why the border wall system is critical to border security,” Morgan wrote about the footage. “It increases our ability to impede and deny illegal crossings and illegal smuggling and gives our Border Patrol agents time to respond and make apprehensions.”

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