CBS Anchor Brags to Fauci She’s Banning Unvaccinated Family Members from Thanksgiving

CBS anchor Gayle King places Big Pharma's experimental gene therapy over family.

Image Credits: youtube screeenshot.

CBS anchor Gayle King is so committed to the Covid vaccine, she claims she’s telling family members who haven’t been vaccinated not to come to Thanksgiving.

Speaking to Covid-19 celebrity Dr. Anthony Fauci on CBS This Morning Monday, King helped the NIAID director spread fear about the Delta variant and pushed vaccine propaganda.

“When you get down to now a core, lesser group, you’ve got to go one on one, and that’s really what the president was talking about — about trying to get some of these advisers, not federal officials but community people, to go out there and try and convince people why it’s so important for their own health, for that of their family, and for that of the community to go out and get vaccinated,” Fauci said.

“We really need to get more people vaccinated because that’s the solution…This virus will, in fact, be protected against by the vaccine.”

King replied she’s so behind the Big Pharma experimental gene therapy that she’s willing to ban family members from attending traditional holiday dinners.

“Dr. Fauci, I don’t know how many more times you can say to people, ‘Listen, it will save your life.’ I have this problem with some members of my own family, which I’m now going to ban for Thanksgiving vacation,” King responded. “That’s how strongly I’m taking what you’re saying.”

Of course, the reality is King probably won’t be banning anyone from Thanksgiving, and she likely only said this to influence viewers to hold the same opinion.

As we’ve continually seen, the lockdowns, the incessant vaccine propaganda, the face masks: they’re all “political theater,” as a Pennsylvania rep was once caught on hot mic admitting.

Just like the recent grotesque pro-vax revision of “Back that thang up,” the global Big Pharma medical establishment is pulling out all the stops to coerce and persuade Americans that getting the experimental vaccine is in their best interests.

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