CBS News Describes Kenosha Riots as “Peaceful”

Excuses rioters for violence, arson, looting and destruction.

Image Credits: Video Screenshot.

After widespread looting, fires, violence and other destruction for a second night in Kenosha, Wisconsin, CBS News anchor Gayle King described the riots as “peaceful.”

Yes, really.

In yet another startling example of how the media is deliberately burying the bedlam unfolding on American streets every single night, the news network downplayed the violence and even suggested it was justified.

King claimed the riots were in fact “a second day of peaceful protests, which is what the Black Lives Matter is really about.”

As anyone with eyes and ears knows by now, Black Lives Matter is not “peaceful” and never has been.

“It’s not clear if those setting fires were involved in the initial demonstrations,” said King, again suggesting with no evidence whatsoever that those engaging in arson and violence at a BLM riot had nothing to do with BLM.

King then claimed that the protests spontaneously “gave way to clashes” as night fell, suggesting that this just happened by accident when in reality it was BLM agitators who chose to engineer these “clashes.”

Reporter Mola Lenghi then made more excuses for the rioters, telling viewers, “setting this truck on fire right here behind me is how some protesters have responded to the authorities’ use of stun grenades, [and] of tear gas.”

“Peaceful…gave way to clashes,” responded Buck Sexton. “No, thugs and lunatics engaged in riots, arson, and looting- which everyone was expecting- because the mainstream media is full of cowards who pay for their houses in the Hamptons by running cover for BLM criminality on behalf of the DNC.”

“Read the tweet then watch the footage,” commented Rep. Paul Gosar.

I’ll leave a selection of videos below and leave it up to the reader to decide whether the riots were “peaceful” or whether CBS News is lying once again.


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