CDC: Women Suffer Worse Covid Vaccine Side Effects Than Men

Whopping 79% of adverse reactions linked to Moderna, Pfizer vaccines were reported to VAERS by women.

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Female recipients of the experimental Covid-19 vaccine are at greater risk of experiencing adverse events, a study released by the CDC says.

According to the study published last month, titled, “First Month of Covid-19 Vaccine Safety Monitoring,” a whopping 79% of adverse reactions linked to the Moderna and Pfizer vaccines were reported to the Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System from women.

The month-long study, run through Dec. 14, 2020, through Jan. 13, 2021, monitored over 13.7 million doses of the vaccines administered across the US.

“…VAERS received and processed 6,994 reports of adverse events after vaccination, including 6,354 (90.8%) that were classified as non-serious and 640 (9.2%) as serious,” the study notes.

According to the New York Times:

Nearly all of the rare anaphylactic reactions to Covid-19 vaccines have occurred among women, too. C.D.C. researchers reported that all 19 of the individuals who had experienced such a reaction to the Moderna vaccine have been female, and that women made up 44 of the 47 who have had anaphylactic reactions to the Pfizer vaccine.

While most side effects were mild, including fatigue, headaches and dizziness, the CDC study notes, “A total of 113 deaths were reported to VAERS, including 78 (65%) among [Long Term Care Facility] residents.” The agency insists, however, there is no causal link between the deaths and the vaccines.

Speaking to the Times, a microbiologist chalked up the statistic to differences in the sexes.

“This sex difference is completely consistent with past reports of other vaccines,” summarized Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health immunologist Sabra Klein, pointing to past flu vaccine studies where women consistently reported more allergic reactions than men.

University of Toronto immunologist Eleanor Fish described the female immune system response as “distinct, in many ways from the male immune response.”

One reason could be that women “produce more — sometimes twice as many — infection-fighting antibodies in response to the vaccines for influenza, M.M.R., yellow fever, rabies, and hepatitis A and B” than men, the Times notes.

On a less scientific note, other researchers claim it’s because men are generally less likely to go see a doctor if they’re sick, or report vaccine side effects.

The Times also points out vaccine dose size could be a factor, especially considering that “women absorb and metabolize drugs differently than men do, often needing lower doses for the same effect.”

Higher testosterone in men could also somewhat explain the difference as it reportedly diminishes a vaccine’s “protectiveness” and suppresses the body’s ability to produce cytokine immune chemicals.

It’s important to note that, compared to doses for men, trials “did not test whether lower doses might be just as effective for women but cause fewer side effects,” the Times reports.

The study’s findings certainly track with Infowars’ reporting, stories which have frequently involved women injured or killed by the vaccine.

The study’s results come as several women have complained about finding lumps in their breasts after receiving the Covid-19 vaccine.

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