Charlottesville City Council Meeting Explodes As Alt-Left Mob Devours Its Own

Screaming leftists hijack meeting, demand mayor's resignation

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The first Charlottesville city council meeting since the disastrous August 12 clash devolved into total chaos as a mob of aggressive leftists screamed at local officials, eventually prompting law enforcement to take action.

During the initial half hour of relatively mundane city affairs, Vice Mayor Wes Bellamy stoked the flames of the smoldering crowd, delivering a prepared statement in which he claimed, “In recent months, the Charlottesville community has experienced a series of terrorist acts and intimidation by white supremacists, intended to instill fear and send a message of hatred and bigotry.”

Shortly after, the crowd began to lose control of their emotions, and Mayor Mike Signer lost control of the meeting, threatening to having unruly citizens removed by police, which prompted an explosive backlash from his constituency, and a shocking devolution of decorum.

As law enforcement expelled disorderly attendees, some protestors commandeered the council desk, stomping on the table and unfurling a large sign reading, “Blood On Your Hands,” as the mob roared its approval and chanted, “Re-sign! Re-sign!”

Mayor Signer and fellow committee members quickly exited the room under police escort.

Slogans of ‘The Resistance’ such “Shut it down” and “Justice for (insert name)” were shouted and interspersed with plentiful profanities, while protesters raised middle fingers and clenched fists.

A modicum of order was restored after nearly 30 minutes of pandemonium, and the council returned to their seats to listen to nearly three hours of heated complaints and commentary from Charlottesville residents.

Mayor Signer is reaping his own whirlwind after declaring that Charlottesville would be the “capital of the resistance” to President Trump and the anti-leftism agenda, adding fuel to the fire of division that continues to spread through the United States.

Shortly after the presidential inauguration, Signer held a rally to announce his new primary policy focuses, which would center on foreigners and minorities.

“Signer outlined three main policy changes in his speech to the crowd,” reported NBC29 at the time. “He is working with Virginia Senators Mark Warner and Tim Kaine (D) to provide specific case assistance for immigrants who need visa help.”

“That he is considering the possibility of making Charlottesville a sanctuary city, first looking into legal ways to add protections for immigrants and political refugees, and the third is putting together a group of lawyers and law students to help immigrants or refugees in Charlottesville process cases and answer questions.”

Vice Mayor Bellamy’s own contribution to the burgeoning conflict is well-documented, as he has been forced to resign from at least one key position due to a lengthy history of shocking statements expressing “homophobic, sexist, anti-white language,” according to the Cavalier Daily.

Bellamy recently resigned from the Virginia Board of Education (to which he was appointed by Virginia governor, Terry McAuliffe), after a collection of tweets from 2009-2014 were unearthed. However, he retained his position as deputy mayor of Charlottesville.

A small collection of Bellamy’s tweets include –

Bellamy was also seen wearing a “Black Panthers” backpack on his way into a closed door meeting about the #UniteTheRight rally, which was organized with a lawful permit, despite efforts of Charlottesville government to prevent the gathering.

Infowars was the first to report that Charlottesville police were ordered to stand down on August 12th.

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