Child Advocate Attorney: Texts Detailing Sex Abuse By Hunter Biden Must Be Sent To ICE Cyber Crimes Division

Image Credits: screenshot/YouTube.

The text messages from Hunter Biden describing his sexual abuse of a minor girl within the family should be sent to the Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) cyber crimes center for further investigation, says an international child advocate attorney.

Elizabeth Yore, attorney and founder of Yore Children, told former White House Chief Strategist Steve Bannon’s War Room: Pandemic podcast Monday that the FBI is “slow-walking” its probe into Hunter and so ICE’s child exploitation investigation unit should also get a chance to look at the hard drive.

“These guys do the same kind of investigations that the FBI’s Innocent Images unit does, and we get some competition going,” Yore said.

“Who’s going to charge? Who’s going to make a case? It’s what we have to do,” she said, adding that ICE is the “little engine that could” when it comes to investigating child abuse cases, using less money and resources than the FBI.

“The cyber crimes center is making cases left and right,” she continued. “I’d give this case to them, and see what they can do to make a case quickly, because it appears the FBI has had [the hard drive] for nine months. They’re slow-walking it, as you said Steve, it’s gone down a memory hole.”

Yore explained Hunter Biden’s hard drive must be quickly investigated by multiple federal agencies because it details disturbing allegations of sexual abuse of minors within his own family.

“This is damning evidence,” Yore said. “The texts today that we’re seeing put Joe Biden at the center of this scandal. In my professional opinion, Joe Biden is the center of this scandal.”

Watch Yore’s full interview on War Room: Pandemic below:

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