Child Hands Male Dancer Cash at Christmas Themed All-Ages Drag Event

Event kicked off with showing of Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer, before drag queens took the stage with overtly sexually-suggestive performances.

Image Credits: Twitter screenshot.

A venue in San Antonio, Texas, hosted a Christmas themed all-ages drag event where male performers danced provocatively in front of children who gave them money.

The disturbing incident was documented Friday by journalist Tayler Hansen, who posted an eye-opening report on the “Island of Misfit Toys Drive & Drag Show” that took place inside The Starlighter venue.

Hansen’s report shows the depravity inside the “all-ages” event where male performers dressed as grotesque caricatures of women performed erotic burlesque strip show routines in front of children, who were given money to hand to the dancers.

The event kicked off with a showing of the Christmas classic Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer, before drag queens took the stage with overtly sexually-suggestive performances.

“A child was left unattended without parents throughout the entire show,” Hansen noted, adding, “A Drag Queen was touching and stroking a child’s hair. Attendees gave the child money to give to the Queens.”

Perhaps fittingly, one of the queens dressed as a demon.

At one point during the show, documented in Hansen’s report around the 3-minute mark, the child, who was apparently there without parents, is singled out by a performer who asked if she was enjoying the show.

The child shook her head no.

The venue also featured a Satanic rainbow flag with “666” encircled in marijuana leaves.

Following Hansen’s report, The Starlighter released a statement claiming they were victims of bullying after receiving complaints from angry parents and people against the sexual grooming of children. They subsequently canceled any future drag events.

“The Starlighter’s goal has always been to provide a safe all ages space for entertainment & unfortunately we’re now being made to feel unsafe in our own space. We’re being bullied and threatened both online in comments, reviews & tweets,” the venue stated.

“For the safety of our queens, staff & patrons we’re canceling all of the drag events for the remainder of the year.”

The venue additionally denied any wrongdoing and claimed the child in question “was never left unattended or in any danger.”

“They are the child of our food vender that night who was right outside the door. This vendor and their child are very familiar with both staff and queens, and even posted a picture thanking the queens for treating her ‘like a niece’ at the end of the event,” they wrote.

Meanwhile, Hansen took a victory lap on social media for getting the venue to cancel future shows.

The appalling event is illustrative of how the left automatically plays the victim after their covert sexual grooming children is revealed.