‘Children Can Handle The Kink’ of Pride Parades, Say SJW Parents

'First of all, nobody likes nakedness more than children,' says leftist writer

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Social justice parents in Canada have claimed that the kink and fetish themes of LGBTQ Pride parades are appropriate for children.

The question of whether pride parades are kid-friendly has grown in relevance during Pride month, where “Drag Queen Story Hour” events have exploded across the country and footage of a half-naked child “twerking” in front of grown men at a Pride parade has gone viral.

“I can’t imagine a safer place for families to bring children,” sex therapist Pega Ren told HuffPost Canada.

University of Toronto’s “sexual diversity” professor David Rayside acknowledge that Pride parades certainly have sexualizing elements to them, but insisted that none of the “thousands” of kids he’s seen at Pride parades complained about the sexually-charged atmosphere.

“Pride has always had a kind of outrageous edge to it,” Rayside said. “And should we alter that? It is not the Santa Claus parade, and it never was. It shouldn’t be. It can’t be.”

“I’ve seen thousands of kids at Pride, and I’ve never seen anyone fuss about what they see there,” he added.

Writer S. Bear Bergman said that kids love the “bubbles” and “rainbow streamers,” as well as “enjoyable performances,” whatever that means.

“There is absolutely no reason not to take our kids to Pride — it’s a fun day, there are a lot of bubbles, rainbow streamers and enjoyable performances,” Bergman said.

“It’s their right as queer spawn. And as a parent, I might want to take my kids to Pride, because they might be lesbian, gay, bi, trans, queer or two-spirit.”

Bergman went on to defend the lewd elements of the Pride parade, saying he’s more worried about children being exposed to “compulsory heterosexuality” than a gay man shaking his bare behind in front of them.

“First of all, nobody likes nakedness more than children,” Bergman said.

“On the list of things that I don’t want my children ever to be exposed to are: Compulsory heterosexuality, demonstrations of sexism, demonstrations of racism, demonstrations of ablism, violence. These are all way higher on the list than some homosexual’s tuchus.”

However, some on social media expressed outrage over the overt sexualization and far-left brainwashing brought by Pride events.

A video posted to Twitter reveals the debauchery being pushed on youth as a young boy “twerks” to the enjoyment of gay adults surrounding him. Alex exposes the LGBT agenda that actually traumatizes children.