China: Kyle Rittenhouse Proves U.S. Democracy ‘Has Failed’

Image Credits: Sean Krajacic-Pool/Getty Images.

China’s state-run Global Times on Sunday claimed the Kyle Rittenhouse trial “exposes the illness of the U.S. political system” and argued the not-guilty verdict proves American democracy “has failed to heal the illness of social polarization and racial divergence.”

As with many Chinese propaganda publications, the Global Times editorial largely regurgitated the obsessions and criticisms of far-left U.S. media, mixed with confident declarations from “Chinese experts” that America’s bitter divisions have sealed its doom. 

That is how the Chinese paper saw evidence of “racial divergence” in the trial of a white youth who shot three white men in self-defense, and repeatedly muttered the Rittenhouse jury “appeared to be overwhelmingly white.” American media figures keep saying things like that, so Chinese state media says it, too.

The “Chinese experts” sagely concluded America will remain divided until it wises up and embraces one-party authoritarianism like China:

Chinese analysts said that cases such as this which could spark conflicts and violence in the US will increase as both the Democrats and the Republicans want to make the best use of the divergence between left and right, black and white, rather than heal and unify the society, because the two parties survive on and profit from worsening social divisions.

This is an illness that is deeply rooted in the bones of the US’ two-party political system. “US democracy” is losing the ability to solve such a problem and more similar cases will take place in the future, observers noted.

In China, by contrast, there is very little racial strife because troublesome minorities are forced into concentration camps and used as slave labor. Imagine how much chaos and division there might be in Chinese politics if groups like the Uyghurs and Tibetans had inalienable rights and enjoyed political representation!

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