China, US Race for AI Superiority

Trump's AI executive order sparks Chinese response

Image Credits: STR / Contributor / Getty.

The United States and China are currently in a heated competition for artificial intelligence superiority which would impact cutting-edge tech on the battlefield and the private sector.

President Trump’s Monday executive order commanding the U.S. government to lead the world in AI has sparked China’s state-run media to warn of an imminent “high-technology Cold War.”

“In its latest move to maintain leadership in the high-tech sector, the US on Monday rolled out a plan to give artificial intelligence (AI) more priority and resources, a move that Chinese observers warned may represent the formal launch of a new high-technology Cold War,” said Global Times.

“Industry insiders said the executive order signed by US President Donald Trump showed the US expanding its containment of Chinese technology from the 5G to the AI sector as a debate rages over a possible AI arms race in which the US may be ceding leadership to China.”

Both nations appear to acknowledge current trends detailing how China is primed to lead the world in AI research, a December analytics report from Elsevier confirms:

The report found that the U.S., home to tech giants like Google, Amazon, and Facebook, has succeeded in attracting the top talent in artificial intelligence. It also shows that research in the U.S. is shifting from academic settings to research operations within large tech companies.

…China aspires to lead globally in AI and is supported by ambitious national policies,” the report reads. “A net brain gain of AI researchers in China also suggests an attractive research environment.

A likely flashpoint of AI emerging tech between the two nations could occur in the South China Sea where tensions and the naval activities are on the rise, according to The Diplomat.

“The United States and Japan in March began conducting anti-submarine warfare drills, and China has notably been planting underwater listening devices in hopes of keeping track of other countries’ submarines.”

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