Chinese State Media Applauds Kamala Harris: She ‘Punished Criminals Ruthlessly’

'She has a Chinese name, He Jinli, which makes it easier to attract the support of Chinese voters'

Chinese Communist Party (CCP) media breathlessly applauded the selection of Kamala Harris as the Democrat Party’s vice presidential nominee, with a Global Times editorial on Thursday celebrating her for having a Chinese name and supposedly being tough on crime.

The Chinese paper also echoed Democrat talking points by suggesting criticism of Harris will be founded in racism and sexism.

The Global Times’ thoughts on racial and sexual politics would sound familiar to any consumer of left-leaning U.S. media:

Harris has been chosen based on the following considerations. First, the agenda of race is key. Since US President Donald Trump took office, the issue of race in the US has intensified greatly with wild polarization. In this case, the Democratic Party’s image as a minority representative plays an important role consolidating its campaign.

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