Chinese State Media Claims Lockdowns Have Had “Positive Effect” On Mental Health

ChiCom propaganda network tries to portray lockdowns as beneficial condition for human beings

Image Credits: @XHNews/Twitter.

A propaganda segment by China’s state media is claiming that the COVID-19 lockdowns have had a positive effect on many people’s mental health.

Yes, really.

The bizarre segment by the Chinese Communist Party-backed China Xinhua News portrays lockdowns as a largely beneficial condition, explaining that they have been “positive” for some, because those people can “avoid uncomfortable social situations” such as “small talk.”

“A new study conducted by the University of Manchester has found that some people’s mental health might have benefitted from the COVID pandemic, in part due to avoiding uncomfortable social situations imposed onto them daily such as having to engage in small talk, as well as generally experiencing less fear of missing out.”

“Mutual isolation has also brought forth a sense of camaraderie in what is now being called ‘lockdown relief.’”

What the propaganda piece failed to mention in this study is that the “positive effect” brought on by lockdowns only applied to individuals who were already struggling with depression before the pandemic.

“As humans we usually thrive on social connection for our mental health and sense of wellbeing. But for some people, the lack of contact has meant they don’t feel as stressed and exposed to those aspects of ordinary life that the rest of us take for granted but which affect their situation,” said Dr. Natasha Bijlani, a consultant psychiatrist at the Priory clinic.

“When you’re in a state of depression any contact with people can be stressful for some. But in lockdown, you can filter away from all that. So symptoms can be easier to manage.”

Contrary to what Chinese state media is trying to spin, numerous studies have already shown that lockdowns caused anxiety and depression levels to skyrocket, showing lockdowns had a deeply detrimental effect on mental and physical health of the population, especially younger people.

In fact, the lockdowns have had such a terrible impact on people’s lives that anti-lockdown protests have exploded across North America and Europe in recent months.

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