Chinese Students Used Stolen Credit Cards to Pay US College Tuition – Police

Foreign students allegedly charged thousands to host country citizens

Image Credits: University of New Hampshire Police Department.

Two Chinese men studying in the United States have been charged with felonies stemming from their alleged use of stolen credit cards to pay for university tuition and assorted bills.

Chunyang Li and Chenghan Wang, both 20, were arrested by University of New Hampshire (UNH) police in Durham.

Both men are from China, according to the Union Leader.

Li faces nine felony fraud charges while Wang has been charged with one felony and one misdemeanor.

Court documents reportedly indicate Li attempted to pay UNH $56,407.50 in equal sums of $6,267.50 extracted from nine separate victims from California, Virginia, Texas, New Jersey, Florida, Wisconsin, and even Australia.

Wang is suspected of charging $6,332.50 to the stolen credit card of a Maryland resident, as well as additional dues owed to the school on a separate occasion.

“According to the police affidavit filed with the court, both men said they were contacted by an unknown person via text message who stated the defendants could pay for UNH tuition at a discounted rate,” Fosters reports.

“In Li’s case, there was an arrangement made for the unknown individual to pay for the tuition in exchange for 60 percent of the value of the tuition, Li told police, according to the affidavit. Wang had allegedly made arrangements for the individual to pay for tuition, car insurance, rent and other items.”

Both men have reportedly pleaded not guilty and have been released on $5,000 bond, and their passports have been seized.

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