Chris Wallace Insists Biden Didn’t Call For Defunding Police — Here’s The Clip Proving Him Wrong

Why is a Fox News anchor running cover for the radical Democrats?

Image Credits: screenshot/YouTube.

Fox News host Chris Wallace confronted President Trump during an interview to air Sunday, where he accused President Trump of lying about presumptive Democrat presidential nominee Joe Biden wanting to defund the police.

During the “Fox News Sunday” interview, Trump explained that Biden’s platform has been adopted from the radical left, including defunding the police, citing the radical “unity” charter drafted by Biden and socialist Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-Vt.).

“It’s gotten totally out of control and it’s really because they want to defund the police, and Biden wants to defund the police,” Trump told Wallace.

Wallace interjected, “Sir, he does not.”

Wallace later appeared on Bill Hemmer Reports” on Friday to cover for Biden’s radical policies, saying that because defunding the police wasn’t specifically mentioned in the Biden/Bernie charter, he must not support defunding police.

“But he couldn’t find any indication – because there isn’t any – that Joe Biden has sought to defund and abolish the police,” the Fox News anchor said.

Though defunding the police wasn’t mentioned in the charter Trump referred to, Biden has openly stated in a recent interview that he would “redirect” police funding if he was elected.

Why is a news anchor for a “conservative” network running cover for Biden’s radical far-left policies?

Pretty soon Wallace will also claim that Biden never said the N-word on television!

This video is taken from a Congressional hearing when Joe Biden was a senator and followed by a collection of other racist remarks he has made on the 2020 campaign trail.