Church Choirs Singing ‘Climate Change’ Christmas Carols

Christian hymns politicized by eco-radicals

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Church choirs are performing Christmas carols with lyrics rewritten by climate change activists.

The Australian Religious Response to Climate Change, a “multi-faith network committed to action,” has released a “Christmas Carols Against Coal” songbook featuring a ‘reimagined’ collection of well-known Christmas carols, many of which are considered holy Christian hymns.

A video posted by the Pitt Street Uniting Church, which describes itself as a “progressive Christian faith community of justice-seeking friends in the heart of Sydney” features singers performing the climate carols.

“We still sing traditional carols and celebrate Christmas!” the church says. “We also believe that God wants us to care for the earth. 97% of climatologists believe that climate change is real, and that it is in part caused by human activity.”

“Many of the carol tunes have survived for centuries and they’ll survive this playful engagement with them.”

Chris Kenny, associate editor of the Australian, asserts the “green left are trying to steal Christmas” in a report for Sky News Australia.

“It’s really silly, nasty stuff,” Kenny said. “You don’t know whether to laugh or cry because what they’ve done to these songs is so hilarious on one level, and on the other level it’s just so annoying and deflating to see people doing this to Christmas.”

“It’s all about taking Christmas and our most cherished Christmas songs, and turning them into political campaigns, especially directed at changing Labour Party policies. This is just too stupid for words.”

Kenny also reports that another choir group performing climate carols was “born as a result of community members wanting to do something positive for refugees.”

Titles from the songbook include, “Silent Night, Smoky Night,” “Away In a Coal Mine,” “Extremists On the Hard Right Claim,” and “Deck the State With Solar Panels.”

The full songbook with lyrics can be viewed HERE.

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