Citizens Invade Closed Austin Park Shutdown By Communist City Council

Alex Jones, Owen Shroyer lead charge against Austin's COVID lockdown tyranny with a swim at Barton Springs

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In the spirit of nonviolent civil disobedience, Alex Jones and Owen Shroyer led the charge against Austin’s authoritarian public park lockdowns on Saturday by swimming at Barton Springs with fellow patriots in defiance of their COVID tyranny.

“We have seen police officers take a knee for riot mobs that want to defund them and call for their deaths in the streets,” Shroyer told supporters.

“It may not be today, but one day, our great men in blue that we support and love so much, one day our great police officers will realize you don’t need to take a knee for us, you need to stand with us!”

“And so it may not be today when the police decide to stand for freedom, and stand for the Constitution, and stand for the Bill of Rights, and stand for the United States of America,” Shroyer continued, “but someday in the near future, if we continue to execute our rights peacefully, and we continue to show them that we have their backs and we’re in this together, someday they will stand with us, and someday they will take down the fence that blocks us from being free.”