City Imposes One-Way Sidewalk Rules to Enforce Social Distancing

Violators face $100 fines if caught walking in wrong direction

Image Credits: Matt Stone/MediaNews Group/Boston Herald \ Getty .

A Massachusetts city is now dictating which direction residents can travel on its sidewalks under new orders to enforce social distancing amid the coronavirus crisis.

In Beverly, the Board of Health issued an emergency order regarding “pedestrian traffic” which regulates the flow of foot traffic on a street near the city’s beachfront.

Violators of the rule can be fined $100.

“All foot traffic on the sidewalks of Lothrop Street between Hale Street and Stone Street shall be in one direction, opposite the flow of motor vehicle traffic adjacent to the sidewalk,” the order specifies.

“Individuals not complying with this Order shall be subject to a fine.”

Massachusetts residents are currently under stay-at-home lockdown orders, with exceptions for essential errands and exercise.

“In monitoring the people out there, we noticed there was a tremendous amount of traffic with people walking into each other,” explained Beverly Police Chief John LeLacheur in an interview with Boston 25 News.

“We had to make changes. We had to come up with ideas. It gives people the opportunity to stay that six-foot distance.”

LeLacheur says he hopes police will not have to issue citations.

“All the comments we’ve gotten so far have been positive,” he said.

The city of Beverly has reportedly confirmed nearly 90 cases of coronavirus at the time of this writing.

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