City of Boulder Slammed for Hosting Drag Queen Story Time

'Not even remotely appropriate for children'

Image Credits: twitter, bouldercolorado.

The City of Boulder, Colorado, received major backlash on Twitter after promoting a Drag Queen story time event held for children this month.

A tweet from the city last week claimed there was a “great turnout” for the event, hosted at the Boulder public library.

Commentators on Twitter slammed the city government for promoting and hosting the event, which many deemed inappropriate for young children.

“[W]hy is the city promoting this? I don’t care what people want to do in their lives but the fact that the government is putting on and promoting this is disturbing,” wrote We Are Change’s Luke Rudowski.

As of writing the tweet had received 380 likes, 278 retweets, and 1.9K comments, a ratio suggesting the tweet missed its mark.

One person hit back at the outrage, claiming critics were being too “narrow minded.”

The event comes on the heels of another controversy in Boulder last week, in which a parent raised concerns about a “trans awareness event” hosted at a public school where children as young as five would be shown videos from the Queer Kids Stuff YouTube channel, in addition to a pro-trans performance from the Phoenix Trans Community Choir.


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