CNN Commentator: ‘Every Child Should’ Receive Experimental mRNA Jab

Florida lawmakers' recommendation against vaccines for healthy children set off firestorm of criticism by Big Pharma-sponsored corporate media.

Image Credits: cnn screenshot.

A CNN medical contributor said he wants ALL children to be injected with experimental Covid jabs after Florida issued recommendations Monday against childhood vaccinations.

Criticizing Florida Surgeon General Joseph Lapado’s declaration earlier this week officially recommending against COVID-19 vaccines for healthy children, Dr. Jonathan Reiner called the state’s top physician “disgraceful.”

“Florida has a disgraceful surgeon general,” Reiner told Jake Tapper.

“I think what has become abundantly clear is that children do get this virus. Most children thankfully will do fine with it, but the CDC says we’ve lost about 1,400 kids to coronavirus and thousands and thousands of children have been hospitalized. That can almost entirely be prevented by vaccination.” 

Despite acknowledging recent studies have actually demonstrated the vaccine’s ineffectiveness in children aged 5 to 11, Reiner continued to argue the vaccines provide a benefit.

“Even though there is some data that suggests children between 5 and 11 have had less of a benefit in terms of preventing infection with this vaccine, the vaccine remains very, very effective at preventing those children from serious illness,” he claimed.

“Every child in this country should be vaccinated for coronavirus,” Reiner said, adding, that Surgeon General Lapado “has been anti-mask, anti-vax.”

“He’s been discredited by America’s frontline physicians. It’s an embarrassment,” Reiner said.

At a roundtable meeting held this week, Lapado went against CDC guidance when he advised parents against getting their kids jabbed, saying it provides no quantifiable benefit to healthy children.

“We’re kind of scraping at the bottom of the barrel, particularly with healthy kids in terms of being actually able to quantify with any accuracy or any confidence the potential of benefit,” Ladapo said.

Watch Gov. Ron DeSantis’ full roundtable discussion: