CNN Finally Asks James Clapper A Real Question and He Literally Disappears

'If anyone leaked the content of these conversations, that would be a problem, yes?'

Obama Director of National Intelligence James Clapper just happened to perform a disappearing act in the middle of a CNN interview after host John Berman asked if he considers leaking classified information a problem.

Discussing a recently released list of Obama administration officials involved in the unmasking of General Michael Flynn, Berman asked Clapper if one of the individuals leaking classified info to The Washington Post was a problem.

“Uh, absolutely it is,” a seemingly surprised Clapper responded.

“And, if anyone did leak the content of these conversations, with or without the name, that would be a problem, yes?” Berman reiterated, but Clapper’s feed suspiciously lost connection.

Later on, CNN was able to get Clapper back on the program and Berman once again brought up the leaking of classified information to The Washington Post‘s David Ignatius.

“David Ignatius put out this famous column on January 12th where he mentioned the phone call between Michael Flynn, the December 29th phone call. Did you leak that information?” he asked Clapper.

The former DNI simply answered, “I did not.”