CNN Helps Stoners With Gas Mask Bong Rips

Fake News Network desperate for ratings on NYE

Even without the deplorable Kathy Griffin, CNN was still able to send off 2017 like only they can: With a reporter riding the so-called ‘CannaBus’ through Denver, Colorado, wearing pot leave earrings, and helping stoners take bong rips.

With less than two hours until midnight, New Year’s Eve Live co-hosts Anderson Cooper and Andy Cohen wanted an update from reporter Randi Kaye who was partying with potheads.

“I want to go to Randi Kaye. She’s joining us again along with – well, she’s in Colorado where I guess recreational marijuana use,” Cooper stated before getting crassly cut off Cohen. “She’s surrounded by weed,” Cohen announced as he wondered if she picked up his order.

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