CNN & MSNBC Ratings CRASH During First Week Of Biden Era

Image Credits: Miguel Candela/SOPA Images/LightRocket via Getty Images.

CNN and MSNBC took a massive ratings dive in the days after Joe Biden’s coronation, according to Variety.

CNN in particular saw a staggering 44% ratings drop in the last week of January versus the week before Biden was sworn in.

From Variety:

While January 2021 will go down in the ratings record books for CNN, the last week of the month may offer a portent of what the post-Trump era will be like for the network.

In the first week of the Biden administration, the AT&T-owned news channel saw the audiences that had been flooding into primetime recently drop precipitously on Jan. 25-29 compared with the highs of previous weeks. Meanwhile, rival Fox News Channel saw its own ratings only dip slightly after weeks of registering its own sharp declines.

Another network that has been characterized as left-leaning, MSNBC, has also seen significant declines but nowhere near as steep as what has hit CNN: Variety Intelligence Platform’s analysis of the viewership data across two key metrics—the target news demographic for people ages 25-54, and the total audience watching—shows that CNN ended the final week of January with ratings dropping roughly 44% for total audience versus the prior week across all three hours of primetime.

While it’s too early to conclude any longer-term direction for news ratings after just one week, the downturn could be interpreted as an indicator of what many industry observers had anticipated: With Biden in the White House, networks that have spent the last four years railing consistently against Trump have lost the main attraction that energized their audience bases, making it difficult to hold onto the elevated viewing levels.

Fox News on the other hand appeared steady in January, relative to its precipitous ratings drop since Election Day after prematurely calling Arizona for Biden, suggesting the ratings crashes with the liberal networks are tied to their level of anti-Trump coverage, which has waned since he left office.

This may also explain why CNN has been foaming at the mouth calling for the total censorship of Fox News and conservative media in recent days.

Alex Jones exposes CNN’s Brian Stelter’s latest attempt to gaslight his minuscule audience into supporting the leftist establishment’s censoring and banning of conservative voices.