CNN Receives ‘First Amendment Award’ After Working to Silence Infowars

Tucker Carlson slams network celebrating censorship

Image Credits: YouTube Screenshot.

The hypocrisy of CNN chief Jeff Zucker being bestowed with a trophy for ‘protecting’ free speech after his network aggressively lobbied for the deplatforming of Alex Jones and Infowars was not lost on Fox News host Tucker Carlson.

Carlson blasted the spectacle of Zucker’s prizewinning at the Radio Television Digital News Foundation’s First Amendment Awards ceremony in Washington, D.C.

“Whatever you think of Jeff Zucker, he is not encumbered by shame,” Carlson said. “Keep in mind that it was his network, CNN, that argued in public that Fox News should not be allowed to ask any questions of the candidates in the Democratic primary debates — that just happened.”

“It was also CNN that demanded radio show host Alex Jones be silenced because Jeff Zucker didn’t like what he was saying.”

“CNN waged a long campaign against Jones; it worked. Jeff Zucker silenced and deplatformed his show,” Carlson continued. “It was a stunning defeat for free speech. So naturally, Jeff Zucker just won the First Amendment award.”

Deadline Hollywood described the awards dinner as a “Trump-trashing” bonanza, with mainstream media operatives accusing President Trump of endangering the lives of the press.

Zucker said the President’s administration “quite literally… put our lives at risk with their words and their actions,” and also, “does not tolerate a free and independent press.”

CNN contributor Carl Bernstein introduced Zucker, saying, “We’re here tonight at a deadly serious moment even as we celebrate.”

“I don’t know of a moment that’s more perilous for the country, for reporting, for the truth and for the First Amendment.”

Interestingly, Fox News anchor Shep Smith, who is regarded by many as one of the most left-leaning personalities on the network, was also granted an award, while Carlson’s show was reportedly not even nominated.

Smith was congratulated by Zucker, who said he “greatly” admires the Fox host.

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