CNN Slammed for Claiming it ‘Obtained’ Audio of Warren-Sanders Exchange

Many online pointed out absurdity of network 'obtaining' audio from debate broadcast on its own network

CNN was blasted after Anderson Cooper on Wednesday “exclusively” released hot-mic audio of a tense post-debate exchange between Elizabeth Warren and Bernie Sanders.

Cooper claimed his show was the “first to obtain the audio,” but many online pointed out the absurdity of the revelation given the network hosted the debate.

Ahead of the audio release, Cooper and CNN correspondent Jeff Zeleny discussed the “extraordinary moment” between Sanders and Warren, and talked up how the network “obtained” its own audio.

“My colleagues here at CNN spent the day looking through backup audio. It was not recorded from the primary audio system. It was a backup, separate system, and they found it late today. We listened to it, we matched it with the video, so that’s how we’re able to reveal this moment,” Zeleny laid out.

Fox News also highlighted the convenient timing of the “breaking news,” which landed just after House Majority Leader Nancy Pelosi’s signing of the Articles of Impeachment, and before MSNBC host Rachel Maddow’s interview with former Giuliani associate Lev Parnas.

Many on Twitter slammed CNN for its 24-hour delay of the audio release:

During the exchange, Warren went up to Sanders and refused to shake his hand while she angrily asked him why he called her a liar on national TV.

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