CNN: Trump ‘The Grinch’ Who ‘Stole Christmas’ from US Troops in Iraq

Corporate legacy media invokes kids' literature to slander President

Image Credits: SAUL LOEB/AFP/Getty Images.

President Trump is essentially “the grinch” who “stole Christmas” from soldiers, according to a CNN panel.

Don Lemon and a group of pundits criticized Trump Wednesday after the president made a surprise Christmas Day visit to troops stationed in Iraq.

Lemon claimed he was spending time with family when, to his horror, he tuned in to CNN to see the President “politicizing Christmas.”

It really was perplexing watching his message today, and then yesterday. I do have to tell you, I tried not to because I was with my family. But when we turned on CNN and we saw the President politicizing a Christmas message, it was like– we kept saying, “he’s like the Grinch.” I’m being honest.

Commentator Samantha Vinograd followed up by adding Trump “stole Christmas” from the soldiers.

The unannounced trip to the Al Asad Air Base in Iraq comes on the heels of the president’s decision last week to pull combat troops from Syria.