CNN Uses Creepy, Dystopian “Before Times” Rhetoric to Justify Empty Shelves

"They are laying narrative groundwork to prepare you for a world of shortages, scarcity, and incompetence."

Image Credits: NurPhoto via Getty Images.

Questions are being asked of CNN after the network used the creepy dystopian phrase “Before Times” to describe a time pre-COVID when grocery shelves weren’t empty.

The phrase appears in a report about how grocery shelves “are not going back to normal this year” as a result of labor shortages and transportation restrictions.

“If you hoped grocery stores this fall and winter would look like they did in the Before Times, with limitless options stretching out before you in the snack, drink, candy and frozen foods aisles, get ready for some disappointing news,” states the article.

Note how “Before Times” is emphasized by its seemingly otherwise unnecessary capitalization.

The dystopian language appears to be another way of socially engineering Americans to accept “the new normal,” which will include rolling lockdowns, energy crises and food shortages.

Twitter users accused the network of weaponizing language to induce fearmongering.

“They say ‘The Before Times’ like COVID is equivalent to Jesus. Absolute lunatics,” tweeted Robby Starbuck.

“Interesting way of saying that we will have food shortages in Joe Biden’s America,” remarked Harrison Krank.

Another respondent warned that CNN would use the term to distract from the Biden administration’s incompetence and blame any problems on the pandemic.

“They are laying narrative groundwork to prepare you for a world of shortages, scarcity, and incompetence,” warned another respondent, “This isn’t an accident.”

Out of stock percentages in U.S. grocery chains have risen from 7-10% before the pandemic to as high as 18% in recent days.



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