#CNNRAW: CNN CEO Zucker Leads Conference Call Salivating Over President Trump’s COVID Diagnosis

Image Credits: Michael Loccisano/Getty Images for CNN.

Project Veritas released another leaked tape Sunday of CNN CEO Jeff Zucker’s October conference call with senior editors drooling over the editorial possibilities stemming from President Trump’s COVID diagnosis.

In the hour-long call from October 2nd, the day after Trump announced he contracted the China Virus, Zucker lauded executives for their coverage of the breaking development.

“Obviously we’re facing the biggest story of this COVID crisis and the election all in one,” Zucker said. “And it comes together as the single biggest moment of the year.”

The CNN president then discussed how they would editorialize Trump’s COVID episode, putting him solely to blame for catching the virus instead of China for sending it in the first place.

“This is what happens when you intentionally and irresponsibly flout the advice of your own public health and infectious disease experts,” Zucker said on the call.

This release is part of Project Veritas’ #CNNRAW exposé where they are releasing numerous tapes of Zucker’s CNN conference calls they’ve recorded for months.

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Owen and Tom Pappert of National File react to James O’Keefe’s call to Jeff Zucker during his morning CNN conference call to let him know that Project Veritas has been recording them for two months.