CNN’s Jake Tapper Suggests Trump Supporters Who Won’t Accept Defeat Should Have Trouble With “Future Employers”

Image Credits: Jim Spellman/Getty Images.

CNN’s Jake Tapper suggested in a tweet that Trump supporters who won’t accept defeat should experience problems with “future employers.”

“I truly sympathize with those dealing with losing — it’s not easy — but at a certain point one has to think not only about what’s best for the nation (peaceful transfer of power) but how any future employers might see your character defined during adversity,” tweeted Tapper.

In other words, Tapper is suggesting that Trump supporters who discuss allegations of vote fraud should be punished economically.

Over the past few days, innumerable Biden sycophants in the media have suggested that Trump voters be made to feel “pain” and be targeted by doxxing and “confronted.”

The Washington Post’s Jennifer Rubin also appeared on MSNBC to assert, “We have to burn down the Republican Party, we have to level them, because if there are survivors, they will do this again.”

Presumably, this is all part of Joe Biden’s plan to “heal” and “unify” the nation.

Tapper’s insistence that Trump voters who want legitimate votes to be legally verified via the courts should be discriminated against when trying to get jobs is yet another example of cancel culture.

Which the left of course claims doesn’t exist.



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