College Football Coach Hangs ‘All Lives Matter’ Sign, Abruptly Resigns

Illinois State offensive coordinator quits amid Black Lives Matter-related controversy

Image Credits: Twitter Screenshot.

A coach for the Illinois State University’s football team has abruptly resigned amid controversy related to ‘Black Lives Matter,’ according to reports.

Former offensive coordinator Kurt Beathard hung a sign reading “All Lives Matter to Our Lord & Savior Jesus Christ” on his office door as he left the Redbirds organization, he told the Pantagraph.

While school officials and Beathard have both declined to discuss the circumstances surrounding his departure, anonymous sources told the Pantagraph ‘Black Lives Matter’ posters had previously been removed from the team locker room, causing friction among players and staff.

“That locker room crap is wrong. I took the sign down somebody put on my door. That’s it,” Beathard said, asserting he was not involved in the removal of any other signs.

“I didn’t take anything off that wasn’t put on my door. I wrote the message.”

In late August, Illinois State director of athletics Larry Lyons came under fire for saying “All Redbirds lives matter” during a virtual preseason meeting with school athletes.

Lyons later apologized, affirmed his support for ‘Black Lives Matter,’ and helped launch the “Illinois State Athletic Department Action Plan for Social Change.”

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