College Overhauling Humanities Courses After Students Protest ‘Western’ Focus

Focus on Eurocentric Western civilization is outdated, says student group

Image Credits: Franco Origlia/Getty Images).

Reed College has agreed to overhaul the syllabus of its centerpiece humanities course in a concession to students who have protested its Western focus.

Humanities 110, the interdisciplinary survey of antiquity, has been revised to include geographic regions beyond the current ancient Greco-Roman focus, it was announced in a campus email Thursday.

Beginning in Fall 2018, the freshman requirement will consist of four modules, each examining a separate city during a significant period of historical change. The first semester will cover much of the old Hum 110 content, focusing on Athens and Rome, to allow faculty time to determine the remainder of the curriculum. The Spring modules will likely look at two cities in the Americas, with Mexico City and New York named as tentative candidates.

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