Colombia City Overwhelmed by US-Bound Migrants From Around World

Over 10,000 illegals amassed in small beach community of 20,000 residents

Image Credits: JOAQUIN SARMIENTO/AFP via Getty Images.

Thousands of migrants from across the globe have amassed in a small coastal city in Colombia as they make their way towards the United States, according to reports.

More than 10,000 aliens hailing from the Caribbean, Africa, and beyond have overwhelmed the city of Necocli, which has a population of just 20,000 people.

City authorities have declared a “public calamity” as local resources are stretched beyond their limits.

“I make a call to my counterparts in other countries to carry out joint actions to confront this problem,” Necocli ombudsman Carlos Camargo told the Associated Press last week.

Migrants from around the world find their way to the Colombian coast before hopping ferries to Panama to continue their journeys through Central America and Mexico en route to the U.S. southern border.

“Colombia’s government Defense of the People agency says at least 33,000 migrants so far this year have passed into Panama, most of them originally from Haiti, Cuba, Senegal and Ghana. Others from Somalia, Guinea, Congo and Burkina Faso have passed through as well,” the AP reports.

Approximately 1,500 migrants have reportedly been arriving in the Necocli region daily, while the ferries can only move around 750 on a good day.

“The focus of all of us is to climb that hill and get to Panama and then up to the United States,” one Cuban migrant told the AP.

“I think it’s time, there is no other way.”

More than 200,000 illegal aliens are now entering the United States every month.

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