Colorado governor signs law to let school nurses treat students with medical marijuana

Parents must give permission for children to take non-smokable marijuana for illnesses

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Colorado Gov. John Hickenlooper (D) signed a bill this week that allows school nurses to treat students with non-smokable marijuana, according to the Denver Post.

Colorado law already allowed parents to give their children medical marijuana at school, but the new legislation now gives parents the right to bring the medicine to a school nurse’s office for a child who possesses a medical marijuana card.

The report notes that school nurses can only administer medical marijuana to students whose parents have given them permission.

Hickenlooper said in a letter that he signed House Bill 1286 due to the protections in it that ensure medical marijuana will not “end up in the hands of other students.” The law mandates that medical marijuana be stored in locked storage containers and that a parent and school principle reach a written agreement.

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