Comedian Alex Stein Trolls Leftist Protesters Outside His NYC Comedy Show

'It's arts and crafts time for Antifa,' he told the group.

Image Credits: alexstein99 twitter screenshot.

Comedian Alex Stein filmed himself teasing protesters who showed up at his sold-out comedy show Sunday at The Stand in New York City.

Holding signs reading, “Alex Stein bullies queer folks,” and “Bigots aren’t welcome,” the demonstrators failed to disrupt the event.

Stein jokingly thanked the protesters for coming to his show, saying, “I made it! Thank you for coming to the show and showing support.”

The comedian even joined in a chant with the protesters using his nickname “Prime Time 99.”

“Hey, hey! Ho, ho! Prime Time has got to go,” he yelled alongside the masked leftists.

“It’s arts and crafts time for Antifa,” Stein said, pointing to the homemade signs displayed by the group.

At one point, Stein told the crowd of haters he loved them and one of the protesters responded, “I hate you! I hope you choke on a trans girl’s dick.”

That same person then told Stein, “Shanda for the Goyim,” which is apparently an offensive remark delivered from one Jewish person to another.

It’s not clear if Stein is Jewish, but the person seemed to assume he is because of his last name.

On Saturday, Stein hit the streets of New York to ask citizens if they support the “My body, my choice” notion.

Of course, most of them support freedom of choice when it comes to abortion and not when it comes to vaccine mandates.