Compilation: Authoritarianism Runs Rampant During Coronavirus Lockdown

America looks more like Communist China with each passing day

Image Credits: @AMPFEST_USA/Twitter.

Authorities across the country have begun enforcing social distancing measures in their towns and states, but some enforcement has clearly crossed the constitutional line and violated civil liberties.

From California to New York, police and Democrat leaders have shown staggering overreach in enforcing certain social distancing measures in recent days, from banning the sale of seeds and baby car seats to punishing people simply for being outside even if they’re alone posing no health risk to others.

This video shows a police officer telling a pastor his rights have been “suspended” for holding a drive-in church service.

This video shows a pair of police officers trying to reprimand a person jogging alone along a beach — however, the runner quickly escapes.

Here, Philadelphia police violently assaulted a man for the “crime” of not wearing a face mask in public.

This clip shows police breaking up an Orthodox Jewish funeral in New York City.

Democrat Governor of Michigan Gretchen Witmer banned the sale of items she deemed “non-essential,” like seeds and baby car seats.

Colorado police also arrested a father in front of his 6-year-old daughter while playing tee-ball in a park for violating social distancing orders.

Democrat Kentucky Governor Andy Beshear even threatened to quarantine Easter Sunday churchgoers for 14 days, whether they test positive for COVID-19 or not.

And earlier this month, California police arrested a man for the crime of paddle boarding alone in the ocean.

And this is just in America.

Apparently, a virus pandemic is all it takes to transform the Land of the Free into a mirror of Communist China.

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