Computer Repair Man Who Found Hunter’s Laptop From Hell – ‘If Anything Happens To Me In The Next Few Weeks, The Bidens Are Responsible’

John Paul Mac Isaac understands going public is the best way to keep himself safe

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John Paul Mac Isaac, the owner of the computer repair company where Joe Biden’s son Hunter left one of his infamous laptops, made a public announcement on Thursday warning the Biden crime family could try to harm him in the near future.

“With all that is going on, I have to say this. If anything happens to me in the next few weeks, the Bidens are responsible,” he wrote on Truth Social.

Mac Isaac talked with Owen Shroyer Wednesday about how Hunter Biden’s attorney may have violated federal and state laws by “knowingly using false information to report an alleged crime and allowing that information to be disseminated to the media” when they claimed last week the computer repair shop owner “unlawfully accessed” the now-infamous Hunter laptop.

Now that Mac Isaac and Hunter Biden are in a legal battle that could result in Joe Biden himself being outted as a pawn of Communist China, the computer repair man is fearing for his life.

His comment about being in danger due to the information he released about the Biden family is similar to a popular claim that the Clinton family has a “body count” of individuals close to them who have mysteriously died.

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