Congress Returns to Find Border Crisis Even Worse

National emergency growing more desperate by the day

Image Credits: David Peinado/NurPhoto via Getty Images.

Congress returns Monday from vacation to face an immigration and border crisis that looks strikingly different from what it did when members fled town in May after failing to pass an emergency bill to fund the government’s efforts to accommodate the illegal immigrant surge.

Over the 10 days that lawmakers were gone, a federal judge halted President Trump’s border emergency wall-building plans — even as a private group in New Mexico stepped in to fill the gap, completing the first section of border wall ever built without the federal government’s say-so.


In Texas, the government recorded the largest single group of illegal immigrants in history, and also saw the first-ever large group of African children and families — suggesting that knowledge of the loopholes that Central Americans have been exploiting is now spreading beyond the Western Hemisphere.

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