‘Conservative’ Newspaper Daily Mail Pushes Progressive ‘Child-Free Women Are Happier’ Narrative

Image Credits: Sara Monika.

As Mothering Sunday approaches in the United Kingdom, one of its top tabloids is pushing the narrative that there is “resounding” evidence that women who remain childless are the happiest people in society.

Despite facing an ageing population and the supposed spectre of demographic declines, which much of the political and media class insist can only be mitigated with indefinite, record-breaking mass migration year on year, high-profile articles pushing the “child-free” life are commonplace.

The supposedly right-leaning Daily Mail‘s latest offering, published shortly before Mother’s Day, which is celebrated on March 25th in Britain, focuses on several white women in their forties and fifties, as Office for National Statistics (ONS) figures reveal that a fifth of British women are now still childless at 45.

“[A]re childfree women happier?” the article’s writer asks, quickly answering her own question by adding that it “might not be what you want to hear just before Mother’s Day, but research from the UK and U.S. suggests that the answer is a resounding yes.”

“It shows that women who don’t marry or have children are consistently the happiest group in the population,” it claims.

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