Conservative Politician’s Home Firebombed While Family Slept

Scottish councillor believes he was targeted for murder

Image Credits: Screenshots.

A local politician and his family narrowly escaped a suspected arson attack at their home in South Lanarkshire, Scotland.

Councillor Graeme Campbell of the Scottish Conservatives party says his wife’s car was doused with accelerant and set ablaze just feet from where they slept, and if not for a passing neighbor alerting them to the growing fire, the damage could have been far worse or fatal.

“I heard a bang and it woke me up, then my wife heard someone knocking on my door but I told her not to open it,” Campbell told STV News. “I then went down and the person said my car was on fire and the car was just an inferno.”

“The fire had spread to the front of the house. The front of the garage has gone. The next door neighbor’s house has also taken some damage.”

“This was deliberate. This will cost tens of thousands to repair,” Campbell said. “It’s shocking someone is trying to murder us.

“When someone bombs your car you know someone is basically trying to kill you. Another 15 minutes and we would have been dead if we hadn’t got the fire brigade, who were incredible.”

Police and fire authorities are now investigating the blaze, and are viewing it as a deliberate act.

“The incident is being treated as wilful and enquiries are ongoing,” a Police Scotland spokeswoman said.

Councillor Campbell posted a follow-up video after the fire, professing to know who the culprits are and defiantly warning he will see them brought to justice.

“You think you’re going to scare me? You’re absolutely wrong in that,” Campbell said. “I’m from Belfast and I have seen some terrible things in my life. I will stand up for my constituents no matter what.”

“Be aware that we are coming to get you. You will be caught, and I am looking forward to the day where I see you in court, leaving in handcuffs.”

Conservative and anti-globalist politicians across the U.K. have been targeted by radical leftists in recent weeks, as Nigel Farage, Carl Benjamin, and Tommy Robinson have all been hit with milkshakes on the campaign trail.

In another disturbing escalation of political violence, Islamists swarmed a family-friendly Robinson rally, throwing eggs and bricks at his supporters, which included women and children.

Tommy Robinson has released new footage of his campaign being attacked by gangs of young Muslim men who go throw rocks at women and children.

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