Conservatives Raising The Alarm Over DeSantis After Murdoch Book Deal

Given that DeSantis just won re-election in Florida, the book deal is a sign that DeSantis intends to run for president in 2024

Image Credits: Scott Olson/Getty Images.

Grassroot conservatives are raising concerns over Fla. Gov. Ron DeSantis after he received a book deal from Rupert Murdoch, the billionaire media magnate who turned against Donald Trump.

The same conservatives were already skeptical over DeSantis receiving tacit endorsements from establishment Republicans such as John Bolton.

“Candidates are personally financed by the book publication laundry system through advances, typically several million, and then again indirectly by supporting organizations through mass purchasing,” wrote The Conservative Treehouse. “It is not uncommon to find hundreds-of-thousands of books in various warehouses purchased by groups as indirect contributions to boost the candidate of their choice.”   

“The purchases determine the ‘best seller’ rankings.”

Given that DeSantis just won re-election in Florida, the book deal is a sign that DeSantis intends to run for president in 2024, according to media reports.

“Wednesday’s announcement comes in the wake of DeSantis’ decisive reelection victory and likely will add to speculation that he plans a run for the Republican presidential nomination in 2024,” the AP reported.

Media outlets owned by Rupert Murdoch, including the Wall Street Journal and the New York Post, were quick to blame Trump for the GOP’s tepid results in the mid-term elections.

Conservative voters, however, are not quite as enthusiastic about a DeSantis run.

“What you have to realize is the same masters will be pulling the strings on all non-Trump candidates. Everyone entering the race will be working towards one goal – blocking Trump from the 2024 Republican nomination,” said one commenter to the Conservative Treehouse article.
“There is no other choice than Ron DeSantis by the non-Trump RINO forces. The other candidates are running merely as potential VP choices and cabinet appointments. Every single one.”

“The Republican establishment doesn’t particularly care if DeSantis loses, they believe they’ll do better in future Congressional elections with a despised Democrat president. It’s also much easier imposing the Great Reset while a Democrat sits in the White House, which is what their financial backers all want.”