Conservatives Slam Iowa Dem Incompetence: ‘Can’t Run a Caucus But They Want To Take Over Healthcare’

Dems want to ban all guns, run the U.S. economy, ban fossil fuels -- but can't even count votes

Image Credits: @PatTheBerner/Twitter.

Prominent conservative lawmakers and media personalities excoriated the Democrats’ botched Iowa caucus on Tuesday, after the pivotal event descended into chaos with zero results and no clear winner.

Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell slammed Democrat leadership, noting the same party wants to “micromanage” the entire U.S. healthcare system and economy.

“The same Democrats who want to take over everyone’s healthcare and micromanage the entire economy couldn’t even organize their own traditional Iowa caucuses?” the Kentucky senator tweeted.

Several other conservatives like Sen. Ted Cruz (R-Texas) and Fox News host Laura Ingraham echoed his sentiment, questioning whether the Democrat Party is even capable of leading the country, let alone implementing their far-left socialist agenda.

Even Democrat candidates like Bernie Sanders and Joe Biden harshly criticized their own party for the monumental screw-up in Iowa, with Biden even considering filing a court injunction to halt the results of the caucus.

“Obviously, I suspect I speak for all of the candidates, I am extremely disappointed by the inability of the Iowa Democratic Party to come up with the results in a timely manner. I don’t know why in 2020 it should take so much time,” Sanders said.

As of this writing, DNC Chair Tom Perez has not responded to the disaster, with many on the left calling for him to resign.

In fact, Perez has been so noticeably absent from the scene that CNN’s Chris Cuomo begged live on air for him to call in to explain the situation.

“We’ll be working the phones to figure out: where’s Tom Perez? Where’s the head of the DNC? Give us a call Tom! Tell us that this is going to be okay,” Cuomo said.

The DNC was clearly buckling at the thought of Bernie Sanders making Joe Biden look like a clown in the oracle of Presidential elections, the Iowa Caucus.