Coronavirus Precautions Are Getting Ridiculous

Inner tubes, noodle hats and face masks with holes for food

In the latest example of the idiotic lengths the left is willing to go as they try to stay safe during the coronavirus pandemic, inventors developed a mask that opens and closes so the user can eat.

The ridiculous looking face covering is connected to a button that opens the mask when pushed and shuts when let go, although not shutting completely, therefore ruining the entire purpose of the mask in the first place.

As you can see in the following screenshot, the mask doesn’t even close all the way after being opened.

Earlier this week, two other ludicrous coronavirus inventions went viral for making people who actually use them look completely foolish.

For example, a German cafe is giving customers hats made of noodles to help them with social distancing.

Alex Jones couldn’t help but mock the funny looking headwear in a segment of Infowars’ War Room with Owen Shroyer.

Another device being used to help customers keep away from each other is the “bumper table,” which is a table on wheels surrounded by an inflatable inner tube.

The event planning company that created the social distancing tables said, “We wanted to come up with a creative and fun way to keep everyone safe and compliant, but still bring back the social and festive and party aspect of the event. So we’ve been working on a number of different products, and this is the first one that we’re launching.”

As we head into the summer season, fashion designers are preparing face masks that match bikinis so those who are too afraid to breath fresh air while on the beach or at the pool can still look glamorous.

What will they think of next?