Crazed Leftist Calls For UKIP Candidate to be Tortured to Death

Woman wants Carl Benjamin "forcefully lobotomized" for politically incorrect tweet

A crazed leftist uploaded a YouTube video in which she said a UKIP MEP candidate should be “forcefully lobotomized” and tortured to death because he sent a politically incorrect tweet.

The video was in response to re-ignited controversy over Carl Benjamin’s 2016 tweet in which he said he “wouldn’t rape” feminist MP Jess Phillips.

Benjamin said he made the comment in response to Phillips making fun of male suicide.

The YouTuber, popularly known as Sargon of Akkad, is now standing to become an MEP for the South West for UKIP in the European elections on May 23.

In the threatening video, the woman falsely accuses Benjamin of being a “well known advocate of rape” before going on to assert that every rapist should receive the death penalty.

She also erroneously claims that one in three women worldwide have been raped.

“As for the rape advocates, I think they deserve the death penalty too, including Carl Benjamin!” states the woman.

She goes on to demand that Benjamin be “institutionalized and forcefully lobotomized – full frontal lobotomy, leave him as a complete vegetable, unable to utter a word.”

She then explains her “best case scenario” for Benjamin’s fate, which would involve him being killed.

“Torture, agony, long agony, long suffering and death,” the woman states before proclaiming, “death to Carl Benjamin!” three times while displaying a thumbs down hand gesture.

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