Crazy Mug Shot: Trans Blue-Haired Antifa Militant Arrested for Reckless Endangerment

Far left activist arrested during Seattle protests over the weekend

The mugshot of a transgender Antifa militant made its rounds on social media after he was arrested in Seattle over the weekend.

Circulated by journalist Andy Ngo, the booking photo, from a previous Idaho incident, shows 34-year-old Nicholas James Armstrong, aka Nikki Jameson, sporting a blue mohawk and eyeliner.

According to Ngo, Armstrong was arrested amid violent protests in Seattle Sunday, where black bloc Antifa militants confronted police and conservative groups during anti-war demonstrations.

“Armstrong… is a Seattle-area transsexual antifa black bloc militant who was arrested yesterday by the Seattle Police and charged with reckless endangerment,” reported Ngo on Instagram.

“She is an antifa doxing activist and sex escort. She also has a criminal record in Idaho, where this booking photo is from. Armstrong has been filmed numerous times in Washington state participating in antifa black bloc activities.”

Footage from Sunday’s protests show police detaining several Antifa members who had their faces covered with masks.

KIRO 7 News reports four activists were arrested during the demonstrations. Seattle police on Twitter indicated three people were arrested for “throwing rocks at officers.”

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