‘Credible Threats of Violence’ Prompt Michigan to Shut Down Capitol as Electoral College Set to Vote

Image Credits: Elaine Cromie/Getty Images.

Michigan State Capitol legislative offices will be shut down on Monday due to “credible threats of violence” as electors are set to meet in the building to vote for the next US President, officials announced.

Previously the state authorities said that the building, located in Michigan’s capital Lansing, will also be closed to the public on the day.

The news was shared by Democratic State Representative Kevin Hertel on Twitter and also confirmed by Amber McCann, a spokeswoman for state Republican Senate Majority Leader Mike Shirkey.

McCann told the Detroit Free Press that the Senate offices will remain closed following “recommendations from law enforcement.”

The woman underlined that “the decision was not made because of anticipated protests, but based on credible threats of violence.”

The nature of purported security risks or their origin was not immediately made clear, but officials said that the decision to keep the Capitol’s offices shut down was made in consultations with police “to ensure everyone’s safety.”

Biden has won the popular vote in the Great Lakes state with a 2.8% advantage, according to official data, but President Donald Trump has protested these results. His campaign has filed a number of lawsuits in the state and across the country, which have not resulted in any major win for the POTUS so far.

In November, Trump claimed that there were “more votes than people” in Biden-bound Detroit, which is Michigan’s largest city.

“Nothing can be done to cure that giant scam,” the president wrote at the time.

During 2016 vote, Trump also lost Detroit to Democratic candidate Hillary Clinton but won the state’s 16 Electoral College votes as a whole.

According to Trump, he was also the winner in the state of nearly 10-million people this year.

The pathetic radical left is attacking us with shallow virtue signaling and shaming.