Creepy: OB/GYN Doctors Read Off Same Script Telling Pregnant Women to Take Covid Vaccine

Physicians enlisted to propagate pro-vaccine message to pregnant patients, regardless of safety studies.

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A disturbing video shows how doctors are reading off a script to urge pregnant or prospective mothers to take the experimental mRNA jab.

In a video overlaying pro-vaccine recommendations from two different obstetricians, the doctors’ messages and words match up perfectly, indicating they’re reading off pre-written scripts.

The mantra being repeated by the doctors echoes the message the CDC has been propagandizing over the past 6 months, telling pregnant women that “While studies have not yet been done, experts believe mRNA vaccines… are unlikely to pose a risk for pregnant people.”

While no clinical trials were conducted on pregnant or expecting women, the CDC and other health officials continue to claim there are no safety concerns despite independent reports circulating on social media claiming otherwise.

Meanwhile, researchers in the UK have sounded the alarm that COVID-19 vaccines are “unsafe for use in humans.”

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