Cultural Divide: Libs Keep Wearing Masks Despite Repeal of Mandates

They want to show the world they're "not Republicans."

Image Credits: Yulia Shaihudinova / Getty.

Liberals are still wearing masks consistently in cities that have already repealed mask mandates.

Some of them are still scared of catching Covid-19 despite being vaccinated while others see it as a way to show the world that they’re “not Republicans.”

And a few others are doing it not for political reasons, but because they’ve gotten so used to wearing them everywhere.

Some who were vaccinated even suggested they won’t take their masks off unless they’re in the presence of others who were also vaccinated.

Ultimately, “mask wearing” has become a sort of status symbol, a signifier of who’s with “us” in the cultural battle of “us vs. them.”

Subconsciously, it’s also a sign of obedience.