Cuomo Declares First-Ever Disaster Emergency on ‘Gun Violence’ After Wave of Shootings

This is the end result of the Problem-Reaction-Solution model known as the Hegelian Dialectic.

Image Credits: Spencer Platt/Getty Images.

New York Governor Andrew Cuomo declared a first-in-the-nation disaster emergency on “gun violence” Tuesday following a spate of deadly shootings in the state over the weekend.

“If you look at the recent numbers, more people are now dying from gun violence and crime than COVID,” said Cuomo in a live-telecast announcement. “This is a national problem but someone has to step up and address this problem because our future depends on it.”

“I want you to understand the extent of the problem. I want you to understand how serious this is. We want to do with gun violence what we did with COVID.”

“New York is going to sign a law today that reinstates the public nuisance liability for gun manufacturers,” Cuomo continued. “This is going to be a very big deal.”

Cuomo outlined a 7-point plan to go after “gun violence.”

From WGRZ:

The short-term plans include seven different areas of focus, which will split $138.7 million in state funding to get started.

  • Treat gun violence like the emergency public health issue it is
  • Target hotspots with data and science
  • Positive engagement for at-risk youth
  • Break the cycle of escalating violence
  • Get illegal guns off the streets
  • Keep guns out of the hands of dangerous people
  • The police-community relationship must be reformed

Notably, Cuomo had supported Black Lives Matters’ effort to defund the police and spearheaded policies that loosened laws against violent criminals during the COVID scare in 2020.

In other words, Cuomo helped cause the conditions that led to the violent crime that he is now swooping in claiming to have the solution to stop it — restricting the Second Amendment, a goal he’s wanted all along.

This insidious model of bringing about a desired outcome is known as the Hegelian Dialectic, a template of “Problem-Reaction-Solution.”

Problem – manufacture a crisis or take advantage of one already in place in order to get the desired Reaction of public outcry, whereby the public demands a Solution that’s been predetermined from the beginning.

In this case, the N.Y. Governor defunded police and released violent criminals during COVID (Problem).

Violent crime predictably skyrocketed, leading to calls for actions (Reaction).

Now Cuomo is putting forward a declaration aimed at further eroding the Second Amendment (Solution).

Watch Cuomo’s full announcement:

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