Cuomo Vows To Block COVID-19 Vaccine Unless It Comes From Biden Administration

Image Credits: @tomselliot/Twitter.

New York Governor Andrew Cuomo (D) rejected accepting the COVID-19 vaccine developed during the Trump administration’s Operation Warp Speed, saying it’s “flawed” and must be stopped “before it does damage.”

“The Trump administration is rolling out the vaccination plan and I believe it’s flawed,” Cuomo told ABC anchor George Stephanopoulos on Monday. “I believe that it learns nothing from the past.”

“You have two months and we can’t let this vaccination plan go forward the way the Trump administration is designing it because Biden can’t undo it and two months later will be in the midst of it,” Cuomo continued.

Cuomo then claimed that only Joe Biden could deliver a safe vaccine to the American people.

“When you deny a problem the way Trump did. You can never solve it. And that’s true in life,” he said. “The Trump Administration denied COVID so they were never ready for it. There was no mobilization of the government, and they’re still doing the same thing.”

“I’m sure the Biden administration is going to address that,” Cuomo added. “I think his first step is saying ‘let’s focus on the science. Let’s depoliticize testing data.’ Listen to the science is the exact opposite of Trump.”

This comes a day after Cuomo warned that, assuming Biden wins, he’ll be taking a “different tone” on how New York City addresses COVID-19, adding that New Yorkers are in for a “long two months.”

“I think you’ll see a different tone now. I think you’ll even see some governors take a different tone now that Mr. Trump is out of office. I think you’ll see scientists speak with unmuzzled voices now,’’ Cuomo said.

“We’re coming up on the worst two months we may have seen vis-a-vis COVID,’’ New York’s governor said. “The scientists said this was going to happen. We’re going to have a long two months.’’

So instead of allowing New Yorkers to take a vaccine and carry on with their lives, Cuomo is signaling he’s going to instead keep the state locked down while preventing the vaccine from being distributed.

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