Cycle Company Suspends Sales of Bikes to Police

Fuji Bikes blasts ‘violent tactics’ of bike cops amid riots

Image Credits: Catherine Nance/SOPA Images/LightRocket via Getty Images.

Fuji Bikes is suspending sales to police departments over alleged concerns about how bicycles are used as ‘weapons’ by law enforcement.

BikeCo., Fuji Bikes’ distributor for North America, announced plans to open a “dialogue with police departments nationwide to address how bikes are used in police activity and to ensure that police’s on-bike training reinforces that bicycles are not a weapon against our community.”

“To hear that there are instances where bicycles have been used as a weapon against those who are vulnerable, those speaking out against the unjust treatment of people of color, and those standing alongside them advocating change, has deeply upset our community, our company and the heart of the Fuji brand,” the company wrote on social media.

Videos from protests and riots across the U.S. have shown police using their bicycles as safety barriers and battering rams to combat unruly mobs, a standard tactic in crowd control scenarios for which many officers undergo specialized training.

“At this time, we are suspending the sale of Fuji police bikes until a conversation with these departments has occurred and we are confident that real change is being made,” the company statement continued.

“We also must stand together against the mistreatment and abuse of the Black and Brown community. We will continue to look within our company and our core values to do better because our Fuji family deserves better. We stand with you and look forward to doing our part to do better.”

Interestingly, rioters have also used bikes as weapons, as they did in London, where rioters launched bicycles at police horses.

Trek Bikes, which sells bicycles to police departments, also threw a bone to the ‘woke mob,’ publishing an open letter from company president John Burke titled, “When justice is not enough.”

Watch Tucker Carlson call out major corporations for funding nationwide Black Lives Matter protests that have turned into violent riots.

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